What Is PRINCE2®?


PRINCE2® stands for Projects in Controlled Environments. This refers to a de facto method that is based on processes in order to allow for effective project management. It is a methodology that is being used extensively in the UK by the Government. In addition, PRINCE2® is widely recognized as well as used in the private sector too. It is popular in the UK as well as internationally.

Hence you can access best practice guidance on project management and these do not have any proprietary issues.

Key Features

It is important to know the key Features of PRINCE2® in order to understand it better:

  • The focus of this method is on business justification, so that it is possible to continue the project to its completion.
  • It provides a defined organization structure which can be really helpful for the project management team.
  • The approach through this method is towards planning and is product-based.
  • The project is conveniently divided into stages, and such an approach is making it manageable and controllable.
  • Adequate amount of flexibility is available that can be applied at a level which will be appropriate to the project.

History of PRINCE2®

It is important to know the history of PRINCE2® in order to have a better understanding of this method. This was established by the CCTA (The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) in 1989.  Today this agency is renamed as the OGC, or the Office of Government Commerce.

Originally PRINCE2® was based on PROMPT. This refers to a project management method that was created in 1975 by Simpact Systems Ltd and was later adopted by CCTA as the standard that was to be made use of, for all the Government information system projects.

After its launch in 1989, PRINCE2® effectively superseded PROMPT for the various Government projects. Today it remains in the public domain. It was published in 1996, and there have been contributions by a consortium of nearly 150 European organizations.

With PRINCE2®, you are able to practice greater control over your resources. This is something that is scalable too. This would allow you to manage business as well as project risk in a much more effective manner. It is highly beneficial for individuals who wish to learn project management skills in order to enhance their employment prospects. Hence you are able to get an idea about the benefits accruing from this method.

In case of organizations, the use of PRINCE2® allows a formal recognition of various responsibilities that are within a project. These allow the organization to focus on the deliverables of a project. Hence it becomes possible to have a common and a consistent approach. This way there can be a controlled as well as an organized start and end of a project. It becomes possible to do regular reviews of a project to review its progress as per plan. No wonder it leads to better project management eventually.


Qualifications And Training

The PRINCE2® certification training can be in four stages:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation

This is the qualification that will cover the basic methodology as well as terminology of PRINCE2®. This can be done through online learning or through a tutor-led classroom course.

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner

This is suitable for all those who are managing projects that are within a PRINCE2® environment. This can be done with online learning, a tutor-led classroom course, or Foundation & Practitioner blended package.

  • PRINCE2® Re-Registration

The Examination Board has made it mandatory that all the Registered PRINCE2® Practitioners have to be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification. In case they fail to pass this Re-Registration examination after five calendar years of their being a Registered Practitioner, it can lead to withdrawal of this registered status. This can be achieved by taking the PRINCE2® Re-Registration package.

  • PRINCE2® Agile

Here the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile methodologies can be integrated into the PRINCE2® framework. The PRINCE2® Practitioners can do this by opting for the online or tutor-led classroom course.

In case you do not wish to get into certification, the PRINCE2® learning will help you in your corporate endeavor too. It is going to help to support your business outcome. It will be able to manage business risk in line with the needs of your business. Next is providing customer satisfaction. Besides, such kind of a qualification allows you to improve continually which is so important for your personal growth and professional development. Hence you are supporting yourself as well as your organization this way. Besides, you are enhancing your skill that will allow you to have an alternate source of income too as and when you want it!