PRINCE2® Processes

PRINCE2® Processes is an approach for project management that is able to provide an easily tailored methodology for managing all types of projects. Hence each process will be defined with its key inputs and outputs along with the specific objectives and activities to achieve them.

In order to understand PRINCE2® Processes better, you can opt for PRINCE2® qualification levels for which you can get accredited. These are PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner levels. These will help you learn and then apply these to a project.

The Foundation level will let you learn the basics as well as terminology through either online learning or a tutor-led classroom course. Practitioner refers to the highest level qualification. It is for those with have to manage projects within a PRINCE2® environment. This qualification can be attained with the combined Foundation and Practitioner blended package online or through a tutor-led classroom course. All this enhances your project management skills.

The PRINCE2® Processes Model

The steps will include directing a project from the start to its closure. The key PRINCE2® Processes would include initiation which means starting the project off properly. Next is the commitment of more resources after checking the results. There would be ad hoc direction that would refer to the monitoring of progress, providing valuable advice, guidance and reacting to exceptional situations. Last process will be project closure that would confirm the project outcome.

Prince2 Processes

Starting up a project is the first of the PRINCE2® Processes. It is actually a pre-project process that ensures that all the pre-requisites for initiating a project are proper and in place. There would be Project Mandate defining the objective of the project and the outcome sought. This process should be very short. This process is built around three elements. These include the information required for the project team, appointing of the Project Management Team, and creating of the plan for the initiation stage. If this process is managed well, then the project will run without glitches.

The PRINCE2® Processes of Initiating a Project include sufficient justification to proceed with the project and establishing a stable management basis in order to proceed. Next will be documentation to confirm the existence of an acceptable Business Case for the project. There has to be a firm foundation to the project before commencement of any work. There has to be a commitment of resources. The Project Board has to take ownership of the project as well as provide the basis for the decision-making processes that will be required during the project. A wise investment of time and effort has to be made for the project that would take into account all the risks to the project. This ensures smooth running of the project.

Other PRINCE2® Processes would include providing the Project Board with key decision points about whether to continue with that project or not. Here the objectives are to assure the Project Board that all the planned deliverables have been completed as per the plan defined. Information is provided to the Project Board so that they can assess the viability of the project and it can approve the completion of the present stage and authorize the beginning of the next stage. Measurements are recorded to help in the later stages of this project.

Next PRINCE2® Processes would include the monitoring and control activities to ensure that the project stays on course and can react to any unexpected events. This is a process that is the core of the efforts of the Project Manager as the day-to-day management of the project is being handled. This can be referred to as an operational process.

These PRINCE2® Processes are like a cycle that consists of authorizing work to be done and gathering information about the progress of that work. Others include watching for changes and reviewing such a situation, followed by reporting and taking corrective action. These processes cover all these activities, risk management as well as change control. This shows the importance of this process.

The objective of the process of object delivery will ensure that the products are created and delivered as per plan. This can happen when working on products that are allocated to the team are effectively authorized as well as agreed upon. This way the work will be done and progress will be assessed accordingly. The PRINCE2® Processes will ensure that completed products are able to meet the quality criteria. Next processes will include obtaining of approval for all the completed products.

The purpose of PRINCE2® Processes is to execute a controlled close to a project. This process will cover the work of the Project Manager to wrap up the project. Most of the work will include preparing input and providing, in order to obtain its confirmation that the project may now be closed. All this requires following of processes.