PRINCE2® Methodology

The PRINCE2® methodology refers to a process-based method that is used for effective project management. In fact, it is a de facto standard that is being used extensively by the UK Government as well as the private sector in the UK and even internationally. This is the reason why this methodology is so important worldwide.

Before going into the specifics of PRINCE2® methodology, there are some general points about project management that help to put everything into a proper context.  These are the basic questions about any project. What are we doing, the timelines, and the resources required, the number and type of people required, costing and so on. It is these questions which form the groundwork of any project management system.

All these are the usual questions before starting any project. It is their answers which form the building blocks of project management. This is all about defining what you want and working out the best way to do it. And this is where you can take the help of this methodology in order to achieve what you want in the best possible way.

Prince2 Methodology

Structured project management would mean managing this complete project in a more logical, and a highly organized way. This would mean defining steps and then following them. PRINCE2® methodology is a highly structured project management method that provides a logical and organized approach. Hence it is recommended by all.

After all, projects that are not organized well and controlled properly are bound to go disastrously wrong. It would lead to problems like systems not working properly, along with huge overspend that is a total waste. This is why structured project management methods such as PRINCE2® methodology have been developed in order to try to prevent such disasters.

With this PRINCE2® methodology, it becomes easy to organize and plan things in a proper manner. Once the project starts, it can be kept organized and under control. Once the project has finished, it becomes easy to close up all the loose ends.

This is why PRINCE2® methodology includes what a project should do. Hence it is a series of processes covering all the activities needed to complete a project, from the start to closing it.

In case of a project manager, organizing and controlling a project would mean being responsible enough for performing this function. The Project Manager has to select people to work on the project and be responsible enough to ensure that the work gets done properly and as per the stipulated time. It requires drawing up of project plans to describe the actual project plan to the team and when they are expected to finish the job.

There may be some projects in which the customer and user are the same person. Here the person who is having the expertise to do the designing of the project and build its outcome will be the supplier or the specialist. All these people have to be organized and co-ordinated in order to ensure that the project is able to deliver the required outcome within the stipulated time, in the budget, and as per the appropriate quality. This is where PRINCE2® methodology can play a major role.

In PRINCE2® methodology, the project will have a project board made up of the customer and supplier. The Project Manager has to report to the project board regularly. This is done to keep them informed of the progress and to highlight any problems that can be foreseen.

The project board has to provide the Project Manager with the necessary decisions in order to allow the project to proceed and overcome problems, if any.

Project Management Techniques

PRINCE2® methodology allows project assurance which is an independent view of how the project is progressing. It has three views of assurance. These are termed as business, user as well as specialist. Each of these views reflects the interest of these three project board members.

Assurance refers to checking that this project remains viable with regard to its costs and benefits. This can be termed as business assurance. If it checks if the users’ requirements are being met, then it is user assurance. In case it checks that the project is delivering a suitable solution, then it is specialist or technical assurance. There are some projects in which the assurance would be done by a specific team of people who are the project assurance team. This is vital for project management.

Most projects require a lot of administrative work. This is to keep everyone informed, arrange meetings, to keep plans up-to-date, chase things up, and keep files and so on. Project Managers will do all this work themselves on smaller projects but require a Project Support Office in order to help the Project Managers in case of a big project. PRINCE2® methodology can provide a common language across all interested parties.