PRINCE2® Manual

There is just one manual that is allowed during the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam. This is called Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®. It is important to review its content in order to get the most out of it and do well in the PRICNE2 Practitioner Exam.

PRINCE2® manual

The PRINCE2® manual is an excellent reference manual.  It is designed keeping in mind those project managers who have some amount of experience and would want to learn PRINCE2®. This is also for those Project Managers who would like to have a reference manual for the project management system, PRINCE2®. It is a must for those who are taking the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam, as no other material can be taken to the exam. Do note that this is an open book exam.
The PRINCE2® manual contains 18 Chapters. It has 230 pages which do not include Appendixes. You must learn to manage the appendixes also in order to successfully overcome the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.
This is a highly logical manual. All the principles are explained in one chapter. The manual is divided as per the themes. After an introductory chapter, there is one chapter per theme. Each theme has been explained with regard to its purpose, definition, approach and the responsibilities associated with it.

Prince2 Manual
Next is a general introductory chapter on processes followed by one chapter per process. Each process is explained with regard to its purpose, objective, context and any activities associated with it.
One full chapter explains the concept of tailoring. Appendixes have a product description outline of each management product. Next is a detailed note on Roles and Responsibilities. There is a product based-planning example. This is followed by a Health Check and usage tips.
All that you need to know for the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is covered in the PRINCE2® manual. There are blank pages at the back of the book for you to write upon.
The tabs in the PRINCE2® manual make your life much easier during the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.  You need to understand the concepts well and then use this book as the reference book in order to support specific areas.
You can buy this book on paper or as a PDF. Many courses are also supplying this book as a part of their course. Hence you need to check this out before buying the PRINCE2® manual either online or offline!